Monday, May 26, 2008

Interview "Disturbia"

Trailer Disturbia


Sarah Roemer

Sarah Christine Roemer

Born was born on august 28, 1984 in California
She started her career as model, no surprise ;) at the age of 15 after she was discovered by an agent buying coffee at a 7-Eleven.

Later on she became an actress, she left her family at the age of 17 to make her career in New York.

Her first film was Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) (big oversea hit about post-suicide afterlife).

The second movie was “The Grudge 2” (2006) Sequel of The Grudge (2004)
Director:Takashi Shimizu.
Where she had the role of Lacey, a teenage girl from Chicago who falls victim to the grudge curse, near the end of the movie.

But her great breaktrough was Disturbia (2007) where she took the role of a girl that was spied on by her neighbour, a troublesome teenager who had been placed under house arrest for the whole summer. He was bored and decided to spy on hisneighbours. So he met Ashley (Sarah Roemer) the daughter of the new neighbours that moved in.

After this Sarah Roemer made another film “Asylum” (2007), another youth-oriented thriller. Here she plays the role of Madison, a college student that discovered that her dormitory was once a famous asylum for mentally insane people.

Other Movies that followed:

2008 "The Golden Door" role: She played Scarlette Dowling, who is a nurse student who falls in love with her...
2008 "Waking Madison" role: She played Madison Walker, here she takes the role of a girl with some dissociative identity

2007 "Cutlass" role: Eve.

MTV Movie awards
Best Kiss:Shia LaBeouf and Sarah Roemer - Disturbia